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Special show for newfoundland dogs 2016

07.02. 2016
Estonia, Tallinn
, Rannamõisa tee 8

Pet City Center Royal Canin Arena

Judge:  Andras Polgar, Czech (kennel FAUNDLAND)
Organiser: Estonian Newfoundland and Landseer Association 
NB! Show Commitee keeps the right to change the judges If more than 50 Newfoundlands will be registered, all colours – black,brown and white and black - will be judged separately and EST CAC and EST JUN CAC will be delivered to representative of each colour (by Special Show Statute).

Dogs must arrive on the showground in fixed time and pass veterinary control. Participant number you will get from the INFO desk.

Tiia (EST,ENG,RUS) +
372 512 6212;
Ülle (EST, RUS): + 372 583 712 17

Baby class: Unofficial class for puppies 4-6 months, BOB Baby is selected.
Puppy class: 6 – 9 months puppies, BOB puppy is selected.
Junior Class: 9 – 18 months puppies, Junior CAC is selected, BOB Junior and BOB can be awarded.
Intermediate Class: 15-24 months old dogs, CAC and BOB can be awarded.
Open Class: dogs over 15 months, CAC and BOB can be awarded.
Champion Class: dogs over 15 months, on registration champion title copy is needed, CAC and BOB can be awarded.
Veteran Class: dogs over 8 years, BOB veteran and BOB can be awarded.
Breeder Class: Three to five dogs of the same breed from the same kennel or by the same breeder are judged. The dogs must be from at least two different parents’ combinations and have to be awarded at least VERY GOOD at the same show. Puppies cannot be entered in the Breeder Class 
Progeny Class:
A male or a female dog with three to five puppies from at least two different
combinations of parents are judged. The dogs have to be awarded at least VERY GOOD at the same show. Puppies cannot be entered in the Breeder Class. Breeding dogs do not have to compete in other groups 
Brace Competition:
Pair of dog and bitch from same breed belongs to same owner. Both dogs must be older than 9 months. Best Brace is awarded.

Child and the dog: 6 – 9-years old kids.
Junior handler: 10 – 13-years (younger group) and 14 – 17-years (older group),
Senior handler: 18 and up.
Several special prices aworded,included „ENKLT WINNER” titel! 

All registration papers must be sent by e-mail:
1.                  Payment Receiver: ENKT
2.                  IBAN: EE902200221011574508 SWIFT: HABAEE2X
3.                  Please send us copys from following documents: copy of pedigree, champion titel certificate, entry form with owner contacts (name, phone number, e-mail address) and copy of the payment! Please include to money transfer dog breed, reg-nr and owner name.
4.                  NB! All transfer costs must be paid by the sender. Extra fee 7 EUR will be charged by Swedbank (international payment fee)
5.                  Entry fee should be transferred to account in full amount (please check your bank charges)!!.
6.                  When all documents are received by us, we will send You confirmation about registration to our show.
7.                  You can find the Show entry form from our homepage


EST-register dog,
Not EST-register dog
01.09.-30.11.2015 01.12.2015-15.01.2016 Last weeks16.02-31.01.2016
BABY, PUPPY  and VETERAN 20 € 25 € 30 €
VETERAN over 10 y free free free
JUNIOR, INTERM., OPEN, CH, CLASS  35 € 45 € 55 €
Discount price for second and etcdog from same owner (dogs entries must be posted together) -3 € -3 € -
Breeders, Progeny class, Brace competition 10 € 15 € 20 €
Additional competitions 10 € 15 € 20 €
 The price for the first dog includes a catalogue 

REQUIREMENTS FOR PARTICIPANTS:All the dogs participating the show must have ID marking (tatto or microchip).All the dogs must have vaccinations by EKU regulations 01.08.2010.Vaccinations against rabies are valid up to 2 years (must be vaccinated earliest at the age of 12 weeks). Other vccinations (must vaccinated at least twice) are valid up to 3 years. In case of the first vaccination or expired vaccination, at least 30 days must have passed between the day of vaccination and the day of the showcompetition.
Vaccinations and Show regulations:
EKU home page:
Entry forms:  
Show Entry Form
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